Bed storage options including drawers and ottoman bases.
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Bed Storage Options

Bed Storage Options

Storage options.

Bed storage options are essential if you are anything like me. Your house is not big enough for the amount of stuff you want to store. Shoes, handbags, bedding, they all need to go somewhere. Adding an extra wardrobe isn’t always a practical option.

Using the space under your bed for storage is the perfect way to minimise clutter and add space all at the same time. You can keep your bedroom wardrobe free. But still find somewhere to put that Calvin Klein sleeping bag you got free with a bottle of perfume 15 years ago. (Random but true!)


Which storage bed is best

There are many different options for bed storage depending on what kind of frame or base you buy. Here at GB Beds, our divan bases come with 8 storage options (including a no storage platform base). With and without drawers and ottoman bases.

To work out which type of storage is best for you will depend on your room and the space you have available. You need to consider the size of your room; can you open drawers? Do you have bedsides, you don’t want to block the drawers shut? Do you have low ceilings, you don’t want to bash your light fitting with your mattress when you open it. How mobile are you? If kneeling down to drawers is out of the question then an ottoman is the way to go.

Storage bed with drawers.

The classic storage option for divan bases. We have four options for drawer bed storage.

The Jumbo end drawer
As the name suggests, there is one large drawer at the foot of the bed. It runs almost the full width of the bed and around half way back. Perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space at the sides of the bed. Or where the bed is up against the wall at one side.

Bed storage options - Jumbo End Drawer


Two drawers
Two large drawers, one on each side of the base at the foot end of the bed. Great for beds with large bedsides that block the top end of the base.

Storage options - 2 drawer


Four Drawer
Four large drawers, two on each side. One at each ‘corner’ of the bed. Giving you the largest amount of drawer storage available.

Storage options - 4 drawer


Four Drawer Continental
Often referred to as a ‘conti’. The four-drawer continental is for those people who have bedside tables at the head end of the bed. The top drawers are half sized so they can still open with the bedside cabinet alongside them. The drawers at the bottom end of the bed are the normal full size.

Storage options - continental


Storage bed without drawers.

If you don’t have the space or drawers aren’t a practical option then the ottoman is the base for you. Very popular in recent years, all our ottomans come with gas hinges for easy opening. Great for people with heavy mattresses! Our ottoman bases have three storage options.

Half Ottoman
Only the bottom end of the base opens to give you a smaller storage area. Good if you can’t get around the sides of the bed to reach the back. Also good for lower ceilings as the end of the base doesn’t lift as high as a full opening ottoman.

Bed storage options - half ottoman


End or Foot opening Ottoman
Divided into two vertical halves, the base comes in two long thin sections. The base opens at the foot of the bed and gives you a large storage area.

storage options - end ottoman


Side opening Ottoman
Giving the largest storage area of all the options. The base opens at the side, you can pick left or right-hand side when you put your headboard on. The storage area is the full size of the base with no dividers. Access is much easier to all areas of the base and like all our ottomans the base is fully boarded.

storage options - side ottoman


If you want to know more about any of our storage options or our beds in general then feel free to get in touch. Or come and visit our Astley Factory Showroom. If you know what you want, then you can shop Divans here, and Ottomans here!

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